What People Are Saying About The Open Road

This course is a life affirming, eye opening adventure. Gail is an unparalleled,  trustworthy guide taking us into the unknown territory of the heart and soul of aging, followed by practical application.  
– Gigi Lee

Though part of me shrank from looking deeply at aging and death, this became an exciting and intensely creative immersion with a wacky and wonderful community of fellow travellers. What a turn around!   
–Patty Goodwin

Gail has created a fresh, wide, invigorating inquiry into the meaning of elderhood and beyond. Looking at the four pathways—work, creativity, spirituality, and community—was a wonderful cornucopia of life and end of life exploration.  
 –John Sorensen

This was one of the most important retreats I have ever experienced. It has very much helped me in the process of aging and looking at end of life. Being with other elders who want to learn and grow was invaluable! Gail is an amazing facilitator.  
 –Jean Shirley

This retreat is a “must do” for anyone interested in facing his or her aging process and death with eyes wide open!  
–Chuck Krulis

Since we all age, why not do it well?   Gail has crafted a thought-provoking and wise framework to shake up our consciousness regarding the aging process.   What better way to spend your time than planning your last chapters with like-minded, soon-to-be elders who want to make each minute count?   Bless you, Gail.   This couldn't be more timely.    
–Kathryn Janus

The Open Road is a brilliant exploration of aging. Impermanence is life’s only promise to us. With Gail you learn what makes this so special, and how to dance with your later years.  
–Maynard Luterman

This retreat has helped me alter my attitude toward aging and end of life issues. It helped me to find a deeper understanding and acceptance of this phase of life. I hope to live with more joy and fulfillment now.  
–Peter Franceschetti

The Open Road is an opportunity to go deep with a community of peers who share the journey of aging. The discoveries and insights I had will shape how I lead the rest of my life.     
–Maxine Vogt