Rhythm of Compassion

Caring for Self, Connecting with Society
with Gail Straub

Rhythm Compassion 270dsIn these troubled times many of us are taking a long, hard look at the state of our souls as well as the state of the world. We recognize that at the deepest level our own health is inseparable from the health of the world, so if we wish to thrive society must also thrive.

In this workshop we’ll explore how to find your rhythm of compassion—an innate rhythm balancing care for soul and society. Gail Straub believes we each have a unique rhythm of compassion, and when we learn to follow our rhythm compassion blossoms in profound and inspiring ways.

Through lecture, guided meditation, journaling, and artwork we’ll address the questions that most of us encounter as we learn to follow our rhythm of compassion: How do I find the courage to face suffering—my own, my family, and my community? How do I find the time and energy to care for others, or, to care for myself? How do I know when I’ve done enough for the person I care for? What helps when the immensity of the suffering in the world, or inside me, overwhelms me? How do I cultivate genuine compassion rather than moral do-goodism?

Together we’ll explore the qualities of mature compassion—a quiet mind, an open heart, presence, and radical simplicity—that help us respond to these questions. We’ll look at the most common obstacles to genuine compassion—busyness, fear, control, rationalization, and the “fixing it” syndrome—and we’ll work with spiritual tools that can help overcome these barriers.

Recommended reading: The Rhythm of Compassion: Caring for Self, Connecting with Society by Gail Straub