Praise for Returning to My Mother’s House

"In this feminist memoir Gail Straub memorializes her mother’s unfulfilled life. As she untangles these threads, she processes her grief over her mother’s death.... For all those interested in women’s issues and spirituality. "
—Library Journal Book Review

"Gail Straub challenges the reader to look closely into one’s life to discover, through inward reflection, the 'unbound flame' that is in us all. She does this by opening the window into her complex, private, and deeply compelling stories. Straub shows that life is not just about the daily task of existing through the empirical senses but searching for authenticity and gaining feminine wisdom through exploration of inner realities.
ForeWord Magazine Book Review

"Returning to My Mother's House is Gail Straub's declaration of love, compassion, and understanding for her mother, for herself, for all women. It is an excellent book for older women who need to look back and heal. It's also an excellent book for young women who would better understand themselves, their mothers, and the world in which they live."
Kathy Waller, Story Circle Book Reviews, reviewing books by, for, and about women

"The combination of the book along with the discussion material provided on the website, create a powerful transformational tool for women who are seeking to reconnect to the wisdom they know lies within. I highly recommend it, especially as reading material for a book group."
BlogHer, the Community for Women Who Blog, Rachelle Mee-Chapman

"An intimate, candid, and powerfully affecting memoir, Returning to My Mother's House is also an inspiring guide for all women who have lost touch with their innate female wisdom. Through tales of her travels around the globe to Africa, Bali, Russia, China, and Ireland, her mother's ancestral home, Gail shares her search to balance her fulfilling and demanding empowerment work and social activism with a rich, rewarding inner life."
Kat Barrett, WomensRadio

"This is a wonderfully crafted narrative that takes readers from her mother’s too-short life into her own battles and brilliance via self-examination. Written in a smooth voice that shifts through time and conflict, Straub’s return to her roots is a transcendental journey that speaks to the desire and potential of women everywhere.
Metro Spirit, Augusta’s Independent Voice

"Straub’s luminous story is for anyone who has ever struggled to build and sustain an interior life in our driven and fast paces society, and for mothers and daughters everywhere.
Chicago Monthly Aspectarian

"In this intensely personal memoir, Empowerment Institute co-director and bestselling author Straub explores her complex relationship with her mother, a rebellious artist who lost her sense of self. She also examines her own life choices, including a conscious decision not to have children, channeling her maternal energies into other forms of nurture."
Chronogram: Hudson Valley Arts, Culture, Spirit

"Many years after her mother’s premature death, Straub embarked on a soul-searching mission, traveling to Africa, Bali, Russia, China, and Ireland, and everywhere finding that women felt much like her: longing for sacred wisdom. She tells her story poetically, depicting the difficulties faced by anyone-male or female –struggling to maintain a rich interior life in our times."
Woodstock Times