Seven Actions to Create Peace on Earth

David Gershon

A Critical Mass of Dream Keepers
Share the Story With Your Network and Invite Them to Do the Same

The starting point for creating peace on earth is a critical mass of people who believe it is possible. As I took my tentative first steps to create the First Earth Run I encountered my share of cynics who said there was no way we could pull this off, and even if we did, the world was too far gone to make any difference. It was painful to experience such hopelessness. Fortunately, that was not the norm. Most people told me the First Earth Run gave them hope for the future and many wished to help. They did so in numerous ways from organizing torch lighting ceremonies in their communities, to contributing financially, to praying for our success. They were Dream Keepers. They believed in our future and were willing to take action to bring it into existence.

The First Earth Run is a planetary scale teaching story of how what seemed impossible, slowly became possible as more and more people around the world starting believing in it. How will we ever get the world to believe that humanity’s greatest aspiration—peace on earth—could be possible? It requires Dream Keepers. To activate Dream Keepers they need to see how their dream can manifest. This first action invites you to become a keeper of this great dream for humankind and provides you a means to help bring it into reality.

It is so simple it can be done in a few minutes; and so powerful it will send a transformative signal across the planet that keeps rippling through time and space. With the Internet we don’t need to run around the world with fire to empower a critical mass of humanity to belief that peace on earth is possible. In an e-mail and/or social media post invite your network to watch the inspiring First Earth Run video and take this action and others that inspire them. Share your dream with them so they know why you are doing this. Our dreams are contagious and light a fire within others.If enough of us take this action, within a short time a planetary unitive field will be created of people envisioning and creating peace on earth. This will cause a new belief to emerge that we can create the world we want! We will create the world we want! It will be! And then watch our collective dream turn into our reality! Who says one person doesn’t make a difference!

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