We Carry the Torch
Bob Bagar

We carry the torch. Not for any special interest, cause or movement, but as a mission of the heart. The torch passed hand to hand, will wreath the earth with a fragile band of light.

We carry the torch. For ourselves, friends, loved ones, the people of the world and our neighbors in the global village, that all might be linked by sharing a commitment to the future of the world and its children.

We carry the torch. We can rejoice in the knowledge that no one is better qualified than we are for the task. With this torch brandished high, we can joust with gods, vanquish fear, rout despair and flash it as a beacon to light all the days ahead.

We carry the torch. We carry it also to honor others who have come before us. Who held it fast – for a precious moment to keep the spark alive before passing the torch now burning brighter with the passion of their conviction.

Of David, there will be one salient line written in the history books. It will say: “He brought a torch around the world in the 20th century. He would not let us lay it down.” Yet he, too, knows the vision is not his alone; it is ours for safekeeping.

If enough of us come to the realization that, “We want to make it,” the world will resonate with that truth. If we want the journey to continue, a new resolve will manifest itself. The torch dramatizes a decision we each must face alone. When we affirm the light, a subtle change occurs. We change from passive observer of the miracle of life, to a champion of its sanctity. When that happens we begin to mobilize others and the balance shifts in favor of survival.

If the First Earth Run does nothing more than bring a quorum of the world’s people to the simple affirmation, that we care, that will make the difference. It will be enough of a difference to preserve the future. 

This torch is become our mind, our heart, our voice. The stirring accents of the First Earth Run anthem can be heard to the accompaniment of footfalls beating softly on the earth’s outer rim, echoing footfalls of other ears back to the beginning of time.

Let them say of this generation:

They had enough strength to carry the torch, enough courage to venture forth. The immensity of the journey did not deter them. There were a multitude of willing hands to sustain them.

Come ... let us finish this work. Let us celebrate together. Let us come to the banquet table where candles will be bright. Where there will be song and hearts will be filled.

Come to the feast as neither king nor artisan, warrior nor savant, scribe nor patriarch. Come only as a torchbearer. As one of those who brought the light and was strong enough to cross the borders of the night.


May those of us living in the 21st century be known in the history of our planet as the ones who created peace on earth! I wish us all God speed on this momentous journey.

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