Blessed Are the Peace Makers
Support Those Creating Peace on Earth

While there is a lot we can do personally to further peace on earth, some things require organizations dedicated to this undertaking. We had the good fortune during the First Earth Run to partner with the United Nations Children’s Fund and their visionary leader Jim Grant. It was very gratifying to contribute to their noble mission by raising millions of dollars for children suffering from the ravages of war. We were told that it was equally gratifying for them to experience our support. We were like the cavalry bringing fresh reinforcements to these intrepid souls on the peacemaking front lines.

While peace on earth is humanity’s most noble aspiration, when push comes to shove most people on the planet feel it is just not attainable. But what if it was? What if working for peace on earth was a natural way of life? What if the peacemakers were so supported by the rest of us they had abundant success in their mission? What if mother’s told their children that one day they could be a great peacemaker and this became the definition of a super hero?

The peacemakers are our planet’s healers. The more we help them, the more they can heal the differences in our world. The more they heal that which separates us; the better will be the world we inhabit. It is a virtuous spiral. This action invites you to support an organization in your community or somewhere in the world practicing the skills needed to create peace on earth.

How do you find such an organization? Look for the ones teaching people how to befriend the other. Find those who believe in the oneness of humankind. Seek out those who honor the dignity of each human being. While many organizations may espouse these sentiments you will be able to discern the true peacemakers by the outcomes they achieve.

Where they exist, the world is more whole. Where they practice their craft, people feel more in harmony with themselves and those around them. When you come into their presence you feel better about yourself. They are the planet’s true peacemakers. Bless them with your support and learn from them. And if you find an organization that aspires to achieve this but is falling short, use these seven actions to help them become who they wish to be.

Action 7