Low Carbon Diet Coaching Program

Empowering Households to Lower Their Carbon Footprint and Develop Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle Practices

The purpose of the Low Carbon Diet behavior change program is to empower individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. Originally designed as a successful team approach, it has now been adapted by Empowerment Institute into a coaching program. In this format clients have a coach guide them through the process of identifying, recommending and even implementing actions to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

The Low Carbon Diet Coaching Program is manageable, quickly implemented and has the potential to be a profitable business or addition to an existing business. Its handbook provides a program structure, describes potential clients, offers a pricing framework, and provides strategies for marketing to different audiences. This is complemented by training in the Empowerment Institute’s coaching methodology to enable behavior change. Bringing this behavior change program and coaching methodology together provides a coach with a unique value proposition and opens up a whole new category of green business.