Cool Community Corps Resources


• Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5,000 Pounds by David Gershon. The core tool of the Cool Community Corps. (Link to book)

• Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World by David Gershon. The social change framework and research underpinning the Cool Community Corp. (Link to book)

Below are informational resources for the Low Carbon Diet, Cool Community Corps and Social Change 2.0.

• Video by David Gershon on the Low Carbon Diet behavior change program.

• Campus Sustainability Day Webinar  “Empowering a Low Carbon Movement At Your Campus” by David Gershon sponsored by the New York Times and Society for College and University Planning. Mp
• Low Carbon Diet case study in Portland, Oregon

• Low Carbon Diet and the Cool Community: Huffington Post 6-Part Series (

• Low Carbon Diet household carbon calculator: This is a free tool to help participants in the program calculate their carbon footprint.

• Video by David Gershon on strategies for community organizing and social change.

• Audio interviews on Low Carbon Diet and Social Change 2.0.

• “Reinventing Social Change:” An introduction to the Social Change 2.0 philosophy and framework.