Cool Corporate Citizen

An Employee Engagement Program Empowering Workers To Reduce Carbon Emissions At Home, Work And In The Community

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“Cool Corporate Citizen is extremely well thought through and I highly recommend it to any company that wants to engage employees in a meaningful and powerful way on the issue of climate change. We ran a very successful Global Warming Cafe workshop that attracted 125 employees before we had to close out enrollment. Out of this workshop we formed 15 Low Carbon Diet EcoTeams to help our employees reduce their personal carbon footprint and then transfer this knowledge back to the company. Many of these EcoTeams have taken the program out into their communities.” 

– Sarah Severn, director, Corporate Responsibility Horizons, Nike

Cool Corporate Citizen is a three-part program built around a set of carbon reduction behavior change tools. Simply, the company reduces its carbon footprint (corporate social responsibility), and then empowers employees and community residents to do the same (corporate social engagement).