Overview of Program

Our civilization’s central organizing project is to transform our adverse impact on the climate system before we reach an irreversible tipping point. To accomplish this transformation requires a boldness, innovation, and speed unlike anything humanity has ever faced. To succeed in this extraordinary venture demands all hands on deck. The Cool Corporate Citizen program is an opportunity for business to make a major contribution to this planetary transformation. It moves beyond corporate social responsibility—“I minimize the harm that I do” into corporate social engagement—“I maximize the good that I do.” It invites businesses to become social innovators and change leaders in a way that benefits all of their stakeholders and the planet.

The program utilizes a proven methodology developed by Empowerment Institute – the world’s premier consulting and training organization specializing in behavior change and empowerment. At the heart of this methodology is the award-winning Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5,000 Pounds.

Our scientists tell us that we must act now to mitigate the most severe effects of climate change; that we have a very small window before we reach an irreversible tipping point after which the planet will become inhospitable for human life. But with national and international legislation not available, and options and new technologies and alternative energy taking decades to go to scale, where can we find a viable pathway to meet this urgent demand for substantive carbon reduction? The answer, surprisingly, is in the residential sector.

The energy we use to power our cars and homes represents half of America’s carbon footprint and between 50 and 90 percent of a community’s carbon emissions. How we live our lives is a major part of both the problem and the solution. Addressing climate change at a household level is the low-hanging fruit because we can make these changes immediately without waiting for major policy initiatives, new technologies or alternative energy sources to scale up. Further, engaging the citizens of a community creates demand for bold policy changes and the green products and services needed to both sustain a climate change movement and build a green economy.

Research shows that there is readiness among individuals to take personal action on the issue of global warming. A Yale University study indicated that 75 percent of Americans recognize that their own behavior can help reduce global warming, and 81 percent believe it is their responsibility to do something about it.

The study also found that an increasing number of Americans are expecting the business sector to play a strong role in tackling this issue. Summarizing the report, Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy Director Dan Esty states: “It’s clear that the public is not waiting for the government to take the lead. Americans no longer think it’s entirely the domain of government to solve environmental problems. They also expect companies to step up and address climate change.”