How the Program Works

The Journey for the Planet program has five sections dealing with garbage, water, energy, eco-wise consuming, and empowering others. Each has its own cartoon animal guide to lead the way. The forty-six actions in the program include:

  • "No Garbage Lunches"—using reusable packaging,
  • "AquaCop"—hunting down dripping faucets,
  • "Chill Out in Your Room"—finding air leaks that cause energy loss,
  • "Squash Party"—carpooling,
  • "Charge It!"—switching to rechargeable batteries,
  • "What Goes Around Came Around"—buying recycled paper products.

Each action is worth a certain number of points. Children who complete enough actions earn a "Global Hero" certificate which can be downloaded.

The children who participate in the program are excited, and find the program easy to use. The following are the reasons we have observed that Journey for the Planet has been so well received by children.  

  • Children see how their actions make a difference. They understand an issue and immediately see how what they can do affects that issue.
  • Children in classrooms are excited about the program because they see it as fun and not as schoolwork.
  • Actions are presented in an easy-to-do, exciting graphic format.
  • It is not about thinking of taking action, or studying possible actions, it's about actually taking action.
  • It's about what the child can do himself or herself. It's not about what someone else can or should do.
  • Since the program is hands-on and practical, it allows non-academically oriented students to shine.