Green Living Program Testimonials

"The potential resource savings are tremendous... and what's truly exciting about the EcoTeam approach is that it can serve as a catalyst to creating a more sustainable community."
– Ava Frisinger, Mayor, City of Issaquah, WA

"This program is the first step-by-step plan for turning environmental concern into action.”
– The Chicago Tribune

"This is no frivolous undertaking. It's not just a matter of getting new information... A lot of citizens already know things they could do to reduce the toll they take on the environment, but [EI's] structured group meetings help people put that knowledge to work and actually change their lifestyles.”
– The Chattanooga Times

"After doing the Green Living Program I now clearly understand the specific ways my lifestyle impacts the earth. It has allowed me to align my actions with my ideals and live with greater integrity.”
– Joseph Jastrab, New Paltz, NY, EcoTeam Member

"I feel this program is superb, not only because of what it has done for me, but because it has the potential to do so much for the community.”
– Krista M. Schauer, Portland, OR, EcoTeam member