Who Should Participate?

If one or more of the following categories fit your situation, participating in the Green Living Program will be helpful.

  • You have a vague sense of what you should do for the environment, but beyond recycling, you don’t know what to do or how to do it.
  • You are well informed, but need motivation translating this knowledge into action.
  • You are doing many sustainable lifestyle practices, but need help achieving better consistency for each practice.
  • You are practicing a consistently sustainable lifestyle, but wish to go to the next level.

Results you can expect…

Depending on the community, participants in the Green Living Program, on average, achieve the following yearly resource savings:

  • 41%-51% less garbage sent into the waste stream
  • 25%-34% less water used
  • 9%-17% less energy used
  • 16%-20% less fuel used for transportation
  • $227-$389 saved through more efficient use of resources
All while improving the quality of life right where they live!