Track Six Testimonials

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“Low Carbon Diet is fabulous! It couldn’t be more timely. It’s practical, accessible and effective. Getting people to take on global warming at a personal level is critical to tackling the issue. Low Carbon Diet can make a huge difference.”
– Denis Hayes, Co-founder Earth Day, CEO Bullit Foundation

“Low Carbon Diet is a very effective program for helping people achieve real and lasting carbon reduction at the household level. We gave a copy to each person personally trained by Al Gore and The Climate Project to give a version of his slideshow. I recommend it to anyone who wants to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint.”
– Jenny Clad, Executive Director, Al Gore’s Climate Project

“Low Carbon Diet is a deeply transforming book. It is indispensable to anyone who wants to make a difference on climate change.”
– Tim Flannery, author of The Weathermakers

“David Gershon has created a step-by-step program, à la Weight Watchers, designed to reduce a person's carbon footprint. . . . Replete with checklists and illustrations, this user-friendly guide is a serious attempt at changing American energy-consumption behavior. . . . The timing for a book offering day-to-day solutions to an overwhelming global problem couldn't be better."

– The Christian Science Monitor