Track Four: The Practice of Empowerment in Organizations

A Framework and Methodology
for Changing Behavior, Developing Talent
and Transforming a Culture

“The core of the matter is always about changing the behavior of people. In highly successful change efforts the central challenge is not strategy, not systems, but changing people’s behavior—what people do and the need for significant shifts in what people do.”
—John Kotter and Dan Cohen, The Heart of Change

In today’s highly competitive talent marketplace, organizations that want to attract, retain and advance top talent must be skillful at developing people. And as the rate of change in the marketplace accelerates, organizations are constantly trying to help employees adopt the critical new behaviors necessary to keep pace.

The Empowerment Institute provides an effective and proven methodology to enable talent development and behavior change in organizations. It is based on three decades of research and practice and has been applied by hundreds of change practitioners in large and small organizations throughout the world.

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