Who should attend

    • Educators from grades K to 12 wishing to integrate an empowerment approach into their curriculum to accelerate learning, academic performance and development of prosocial behaviors in students.
    • Health professionals (doctors, nurses, nutritionists, trainers, health educators, public/community outreach agents) wishing to empower clients or patients to adopt specific health-related behaviors and take greater personal responsibility for the long-term maintenance of their health.
    • Corporate trainers teaching leadership development, team building, communication skills, diversity and inclusion, and other organizational skills who wish to enable behavioral change around their content that can be sustained over time.
    • Community organizers, educators, and facilitators of public engagement processes who wish to further prosocial behavior change and transformation within a community.
    • Trainers and those responsible for instructional design who wish to make their existing or new training transformational and capable of eliciting behavioral change.