Deeper Dive

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For over three decades, the Empowerment Workshop has been offered to support people in creating their life as they most want it. It is based on the world-renowned empowerment work of Gail Straub and David Gershon.

The workshop premise is that our beliefs create the conditions of our life. If we wish to change our life, we need to envision the new possibility and transform the limiting beliefs that are creating the current situation. The workshop applies this transformational methodology to the seven content areas of life: emotions, relationships, sexuality, body, money, work, and spirituality.

As a foundation for this transformation work, the workshop helps individuals create a healthy core belief system, use the tools of intention, affirmation and visualization to help manifest their dreams, and cultivate the personal power to sustain their growth over time. Workshop participants apply these tools to create dynamic visions in each area of their lives.

Over the past three decades, the Empowerment Workshop has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to create lives filled with hope, possibility, passion, meaning, and contribution.