Track 1 Testimonials

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“I just love the Empowerment Life Coaching Program. The way you have designed it enables real transformation. I am amazed by the immediate results it achieves in people’s lives. I am building my clientele fast. I got thirteen new clients and earned back my investment three times over within several months. Of course, it is through my own enthusiasm and belief in the excellence of this program that I created these results.”
—Isis Saris, life coach

“Even though I was already a coach, the Empowerment Institute was a wonderful addition to my practice. It propelled me forward in mastery and has enabled me to propel my clients forward to even greater levels of growth.”
—Patricia O’Connor, life coach

“Empowerment Life Coaching took my coaching practice to a much deeper place and allowed me to help clients make significant changes in their lives. I recommend it to any coach who is thirsty for more tools and techniques on the transformational process.”
—Sue Lawley, executive coach

“The Empowerment Institute expertly guided me in creating an executive coaching program which I utilize regularly now with executives in corporations, universities and government. In the first year I sold 10 (6-month) programs. The level of engagement and commitment by the sponsors and the coaches was the highest I have ever seen in executive coaching. The Institute’s deep expertise in empowerment coaching and in program design were instrumental in creating the program and its success.”
—David Gruner, executive coach

"Our event with Gail Straub 'The Practice of Empowerment' was a sold out successful event! Our membership could not have been more inspired by Gail's presentation of the Empowerment Coaching Model. Her compassion, open heartedness, humor and engaging presentation style motivated every one in the room to look at their coaching approach with new awareness. The simple and powerful four-step process of the Empowerment Model had everyone excited as we witnessed a powerful demonstration of this useful and rich framework. Many left with powerful insights on how to improve the experience of the client, as well as our own lives. I continue to hear from many coaches, how they were inspired by Gail's presentation and have begun to apply the empowerment methodology into their own coaching."
—Stephanie Marisca, VP of Programming, International Coaching Federation, New England Chapter, ICF NE "Life Coach of the Year"