Resilient Community Program

ATNnycCover web270x350This workbook program which is customized for a city contains thirty-two block and building level level actions and action plans divided into three sections: preparing for energy disruptions; preparing for natural disasters, emergencies and terrorism; and creating a resilient neighborhood. It also has block/building leader guides for facilitating team meetings.

An education and outreach application of this program is the Disaster Resilient Community Campaign. It serves as a platform for integrating and delivering the emergency preparedness program of a local government emergency management agency, community non-profit addressing emergency preparedness and resiliency issues, and neighborhood and block associations addressing safety issues. Empowerment Institute offers two forms of support for deploying the Disaster- Resilient Community Campaign: Social Change 2.0 community organizing leadership certification focused on implementation of the All Together Now Program and a customized community training. For more information about the program and its application in New York City click here.